About Me

Hey there👋🏻! I’m Zian(Andy) Zheng, an AI enthusiast on a quest for challenges and unexplored horizons.

  • As a Master student at HPC-AI Lab, National University of Singapore(NUS), I’m always eager to push boundaries and embrace novel ideas.

  • Beyond the study, I thrive on adrenaline-fueled outdoor pursuits like skydiving, scuba diving, free diving, climbing, and kayaking.

Whether it’s conquering algorithms or mountains, I relish every opportunity to grow, learn, and adapt.

Research Interests

I have a deep interest in the Large Language Model (LLM), especially in the following areas:

  • Data-Centric Approaches: Focusing on data quality and data strategies (e.g. Data Mixture and Data Curriculum)
  • Efficient LLM Design and Training: MoE (Mixture-of-Experts) Model, Efficient Context Extrapolation Method.
  • Maximizing Trained LLM Availability/Capability: Efficient Inference, Prompt Engineering, LLM-based Agent.


Here are some interesting facts about me:

  • I have the fortune to be Newton’s 18th generation of students. The acadamic family tree is here.
  • I am an extreme sports lover and adrenaline junkie. You can call me ‘Tri-diver Andy’(skydiver, freediver, scuba diver), as this represents my achievements in scuba diving, free diving, and skydiving.
  • I like writing poems(in English/Chinese). For example, here is one of my poems about life and yet-to-be-discovered love.